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An 8a WOSB Music and Media Company

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Donna Ross Jones - As Founder and CEO of Transition Media & Music Corporation (TMC), Jones has built a successful company and contributed to the success of superstars including: Eddie Murphy, Heart, Irene Cara, Rick James and Anita Baker. An expert in management, music publishing, digital media, intellectual property and IP monetization, Jones has a history of developing and implementing solutions in the ever changing world of music in entertainment and technology. Under Jones’s direction, Transition Music provides exclusive music and customized music solutions for more than 23 television series & six networks & generates more than 250,000 broadcast performances annually. Jones has been recognized by the Hollywood Reporter, Black Enterprise, and the City of Los Angeles with an Entrepreneur award for her innovation, entrepreneurship. In 2008, she was proclaimed Executive of the Year for her contributions to Film & TV Music by the Cambridge Who’s Who. Jones, an active Autism advocate, is the Co-Founder of Special Needs Network and publisher of the online blog Autism Day By Day. She has received Congressional recognition for her work impacting public policy and helping families living with  autism through education and advocacy.